Sales of apparel at many outlets in Qatar, especially those in ‘value retail,’ have remained strong amid the diplomatic crisis in the region, it is learnt.
Speaking to Gulf Times, a manager at a leading retail chain noted that they continued to meet their sales targets even before Ramadan started.
“We are not affected by the issue, and apart from residents who patronise our products, we also see shoppers from Kuwait and Oman buying various items such as shirts, blouses, undershirts, shorts, and pants,” he said.
He expressed confidence that their sales will further increase in the days before the Eid al-Fitr holidays and the Qatar Summer Festival (QSF), which will run in extended period this year.
While Ramadan is known as a peak period for clothing retailers, the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA)-organised festival is expected to boost apparel sales, the manager added. 
QSF features a variety of entertainment activities for all ages and ‘attractive promotions and discounts’ at malls and other shopping destinations.
“In fact, we do not have any promotions right now but we still receive many customers,” he pointed out. “If we have a promotion, I am sure our sales will further surge.”
It is learnt that many apparel outlets in Doha also recorded an increase in sales a few days before ‘Garangao,’ an event for children held during the 14th day of Ramadan.
An employee in another retail chain said parents normally buy new clothes for their children who take part in such events, held in many venues and establishments across the country.
“The demand for children’s clothing is always up during such occasions. Families, including those who are set to travel for vacation, have also started buying new clothes again,” he added. 
The retail chain has been consistently taking part in QSF’s promotions, and offers special discounts in all its outlets in Qatar to attract more shoppers, according to the employee.
He lauded QTA’s efforts in supporting the country’s retail sector by organising annual festivals like QSF, which help increase footfall at malls.
Meanwhile, a supervisor at a leading hypermarket told Gulf Times that they expect many residents to buy luggage bags and other items for travel before the holidays.
“So far our sales this month have remained the same just like last year and we hope to increase it further in the coming weeks,” he said. “It has been ‘a tradition,’ especially for frequent travellers, to buy new stuff every year.”
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