The Sudanese government has praised the role played by Qatar in achieving peace in Darfur, noting that the Doha Agreement for peace in Darfur came with modern standards which provided an international recognition of its ability to restore security and stability and strengthen the comprehensive development renaissance in Darfur.
In a his speech before the Security Council on Wednesday, Permanent Representative of Sudan to the United Nations Omer Dahab welcomed the UN’s unprecedented reaffirmation that the situation in Darfur returned to normal.
He described the resolution of the Security Council and the United Nations to the phased withdrawal of the African Union-UN Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) as a natural development that came as a culmination of Sudan’s long-standing efforts to achieve this goal.
Sudan’s Permanent Representative to the UN thanked Qatar for its efforts to convince the international community to support the peace process in Darfur and to respond to its advantages, reiterating Khartoum’s commitment to continue its co-operation with all partners in the peace process.
Omer Dahab said that the report submitted by the UN Secretary-General confirmed that UNAMID military component would be reduced in two phases of six months each.

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