Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) yesterday announced that it is the first bank in Qatar to offer Visa Checkout, an innovative digital payment service offered to all QIB credit and debit cardholders that makes online purchases simpler, faster, and safer.
Visa Checkout is a new payment option that is available when carrying out online purchases and transactions. It is a global product used by approximately 300,000 websites worldwide, including Qatar Airways and Aramex, among others.
This feature enhances the customer experience during online shopping by reducing the number of fields that a customer must complete to carry out a payment transaction. Previously, customers were required to complete up to 44 fields, while with Visa Checkout, customers are only required to complete two fields. 
Customers are no longer required to enter card details each time when an online transaction is carried out. Instead, customers are simply asked to enter a user ID and password eliminating the long process of entering their name, a card number, expiry date, shipping address among others. The card visual is also displayed while making the online payment, making it easier for the customer to identify the card to be used for the payment.
This new service is not limited to one card only, Visa Checkout allows consumers to bring the Visa card they prefer to use in the physical world to the online world, simply and easily. QIB customers can add multiple Visa cards (debit or credit) and choose the card they wish to use. 
“Online shopping has been growing significantly in the last years, and we are aware that customer experience has become central to e-Commerce and the shift of consumption to mobile made us think about a new and improved payment experience.  As a leading card issuer in Qatar, we are pleased to be the first in Qatar to introduce the Visa Checkout service to our cardholders addressing their demands to have a quick and easy-to-use payment solutions,” said D Anand, general manager of QIB’s Personal Banking Group.
He added: “Partnering with Visa allows us to provide a simple experience across desktop, mobile, web, and apps to our customers. Online shopping has never been easier.”
Besides making online shopping faster, the feature also makes online shopping more secure because Visa Checkout evaluates risks at every stage of the online transaction and creates a secure foundation for a seamless shopping 
Visa Checkout uses a combination of proprietary and advanced risk management tools to implement fraud checks while processing transactions on behalf of the user. The ‘3D Secure Technology’ is also part of the service providing a password-protected authentication system to confirm the identity of the cardholder when a VISA card is used online. 
This technology automatically recognises any QIB card when presented at a participating online store, and the cardholder is prompted to input the ‘One Time Password’ (OTP) for the online purchase made through the QIB Visa card.
To start exploring this service, customer can enrol using the QIB website, Visa portal, or the website of any online retailer subscribed to the service. The whole process of registration is very simple.
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