Leading Bahraini lawyer Issa Faraj Arhma al-Burashid has filed a case against the government of Bahrain at the High Administrative Court of the Kingdom of Bahrain, seeking the court's intervention to lift the blockade imposed by his country on Qatar.

Local Arabic daily Al Arab reported that the international lawyer pointed out that the whole Bahraini society was taken by surprise on the dawn of June 5 when the Bahraini Cabinet issued a decision to sever all diplomatic relations with Qatar. Besides, instructions were given to all the related Bahraini government ministries, offices and departments to take the necessary measures to implement this decision.
Accordingly, the Ministry of Interior in Bahrain issued another decision based on the first one on June 6 instructing the department concerned to ban Bahraini citizens from travelling, staying or passing through Qatar. It also banned Qataris from travelling to and staying in Bahrain and gave them an ultimatum of 14 days to leave the country.
The Bahraini lawyer argued in his case that such procedures and decisions violate the articles of the Bahraini Constitution which clearly indicates the country works towards maintaining the economic unity among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States and the member countries of the Arab League. The lawyer also mentioned all the related articles of the Constitution that prohibit imposing a ban on Qatar.
Besides, he argued that Qatar is a member of various international organisations and to accuse it of sponsoring terrorism should be based on a decision from the UN Security Council, which has never taken place. Further, the ban violates the stipulations of the international law and breaks families and separates close relations of the common families in the two countries, and reflects negatively on their joint interests.
It also involves imposing restrictions on the free movement of Bahraini citizens and harm their various interests. Eventually, the lawyer demanded the revoking of the decision as being unconstitutional.

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