Qatar Chamber has assured that the country’s business community “would exert all possible efforts” to provide “all necessary needs,” including food items and building materials “for all citizens and residents.”

The statement was raised during an emergency meeting called by the chamber’s board of directors on Thursday. Qatar Chamber chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim al-Thani presided over the meeting.
During the meeting, the board also announced that it will hold an expanded meeting Sunday with companies importing foods and other concerned authorities like Mawani Qatar and Qatar Airways.
The meeting will discuss mechanisms to tackle “all obstacles facing food companies” and to find solutions for the ease of movement of goods and commodities. Also, another meeting will be held with companies importing primary materials, including Qatar Primary Materials Company and other firms that import building materials.
The board of directors also issued a decision to form a coordinating committee comprising members of the board to determine “all the obstacles faced by businessmen and traders during the process of importing goods.” The chamber said the committee will be a link between businessmen and the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.
“Any obstacles in the process of importing goods of all kinds can be communicated to the committee through 24/7 hotlines 3321 7886 (look for Yahya) and 55305515 (Ahmed), or through [email protected] and [email protected] It aims at determining importing obstacles and ensuring the ease release of goods into the Qatari market,” Qatar Chamber said.
During Thursday’s meeting, the board expressed “its deep sorrow over the diplomatic crisis and the decisions taken by Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the Kingdom of Bahrain against Qatar.”
“This act contradicts the regional and international charters and conventions. The board assures the chamber's keenness and commitment to support the wise leadership. It also affirms the leadership’s ability to overcome the situation thanks to its wisdom and the confidence of the Qatari people.
“The board confirms the ability of the national economy to defeat this siege, and assures that business sectors and Qatari businessmen would exert all possible efforts to provide all necessary needs, including food items and building materials for all citizens and residents,” Qatar Chamber said.

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