A Doha Misdemeanour Court has sentenced a man to one year in jail for misappropriating a sum of QR650,000 from a Qatari businessman.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported that the defendant got introduced to the victim when he hired him as legal counselor to help him resolve some family cases. The victim told him about his issue with his expatriate partner who had issued a number of cheques worth more than QR3mn for other companies without his knowledge, by counterfeiting his signature.
The defendant exploited the legal ignorance of the man and told him that he would be responsible for such cheques but the defendant would help him resolve the issue in the court. Then, he asked him for QR650,000, which he eventually paid him, claiming that he had settled most of the problems.
When the defendant asked the victim for QR500,000 more, he asked him for the documents to prove that the cases were settled, but he kept delaying the response.
In the meantime, the man confirmed that nothing was settled in the court and that the defendant had tricked him, which was later proven against the defendant in the court.
Police impersonator jailed: A Doha Criminal Court has sentenced a man to seven years in jail for impersonating as a police officer, entering the house of others without prior approval and stealing a number of items.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported that the defendant went one day to his victim's house, introduced himself as a police officer and claimed that the latter was wanted by the police for some issues. Then, he asked the man for his ID, which he grabbed and kept with him. The defendant reportedly opened the closet of the victim and grabbed 200 euros, a tablet and some perfumes.
He then asked the victim to meet him the next day and bring with him QR10,000 to resolve the issue and get his ID back. However, the man reported the issue to the police and the defendant was arrested with the stolen things.
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