Leading hypermarkets in the country have taken steps to bolster the stock of fresh food items as well as other food products. Most of them said that fresh food items from a number of countries will reach from Thursday.

Quality Group has decided to increase the direct import of food and consumer goods, especially fresh food items by air from a number of countries in Asia, Europe and the Far East. Several of these items from many countries will reach the country within a few days.
The move will increase the import of different varieties of fruits, vegetable, cereals, raw food, meat, egg, chicken, meat and other consumer goods from different countries and will ensure smooth and uninterrupted supply of products through its retail outlets in the country.
“We are planning to increase our food imports especially fresh food items like vegetables, fruits, sea food and poultry products from the producers in Asia, Europe and the Far East countries,” Shamsudheen Olakara, chairman of Quality Group said.
He described the market situation in Qatar as normal and prices within the stable limit. “We can assure our customers smooth and uninterrupted supply of most food items for two-three months with our present stock. Through Qatar Foods, Quality Fruits & Vegetables, Middle East Importers, Quality Foods & Services as well as our wholesale divisions, we are ready to serve the people with sufficient products for the coming months through increased direct import,” he explained.
“Import of food and other necessities to Qatar, will progress as usual. All measures are taken to ensure quality of the imported fruits, vegetables and other food items as well as more quantity,” Olakara added.
A Safari Mall official said that they are getting fresh fruits and vegetables from Oman and Iran."More supplies will reach in a few days and we will be able to meet any demand for fresh food items."
An official from Family Food Centre said that fresh chicken from Oman will start arriving from today. "We also have contacted many other distributors from several countries including Turkey and will have enough quantity of fresh food items to meet the demand," he added.

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