Rampant traffic violations near Asian Town
June 02 2017 08:35 PM
A light truck (centre) making an illegal U-turn at a roundabout in the Doha Industrial Area. PICTURE
A light truck (centre) making an illegal U-turn at a roundabout in the Doha Industrial Area. PICTURE: Jayan Orma.


A number of motorists are involved in violating traffic rules in one of the key areas of the Doha Industrial Area and its immediate surroundings where many road development works are currently underway.

The area witnesses large scale movement of vehicles after the establishment of many leading establishments including Karwa Township, Asian Town and Workers City over the last few years.

A Gulf Times team recently witnessed near the Asian Town roundabout that many motorists, instead of abiding by the traffic rules, were taking 'shortcuts.' For instance, instead of driving around the roundabout for a U turn, these offenders were brazenly resorting to a U turn immediately after entering the roundabout and ending up in precarious situations.

If other motorists negotiating the roundabout are not careful, the result would be collision with multiple vehicles, all because of a negligent driver who decided to take an illegal 'shortcut.'

"Instead of saving a few seconds of driving time, such motorists are highly likely to end up in an accident, also involving other drivers who did nothing wrong," a motorist said.

The situation was the same at a roundabout in the vicinity of the the entry point to the newly developed section of the Eastern Industrial Interchange. Many motorists were seen flouting the traffic rules and giving a tough time to the law abiding drivers using the route.

As no traffic is allowed at the roundabout because of the ongoing road works there, commuters are instructed to proceed further north about 200m for getting onto the other side of the road. However, it was found that many a driver is taking an illegal U-turn at the entrance of the roundabout without bothering to travel further northwards.

The other day, a resident noticed no less than 50 such violations in the area in less than one hour. The violators apparently included drivers of many types of vehicles, including cars, pick up vans and even trucks. He also witnessed some narrow escapes from near certain collisions.

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