An official source at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has said that 650 employees have been terminated from various government schools across the country.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported yesterday that the official pointed out that the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs has provided the Ministry of Education with lists of the Qatari candidates to occupy some administrative jobs at the public schools from those that had been interviewed. The source also pointed out that most of the terminated jobs are of administrative nature, while academic jobs accounted for only 15% of the terminated number of employees.
Besides, around 100 of the terminated expatriate employees have ended their service term after reaching the legal retirement age. In addition, some of the terminated employees were only hired on temporary basis. He said that most of the jobs that would be occupied by Qataris are mainly administrative jobs such as social workers, supervisor of school bus for girls, storehouse keeper, and administrative supervisor.
The official stressed that the termination is happening now to provide an opportunity for those affected to look for other jobs, besides hiring replacements in preparation for the new school year.

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