A new traffic diversion is in place in both directions of the Industrial Area Road. The diversion marks a major milestone of Ashghal’s Rawdat Al Khail Street Extension project through the completion of 5km of the Industrial Area Road with four lanes in each direction.

The diversion will not affect road users accessing residential and commercial areas in Umm Al Seneem, surrounding areas and Barwa Commercial Avenue, according to a statement from Ashghal.
Commuters from Doha can still access the existing local road in front of Barwa Commercial Avenue by staying on the right side of the road, which will remain open between Mesaimeer Interchange and the Industrial Area.

A view of the Industrial Area road

In addition, a new road is provided for road users travelling to the junction of the Industrial Area Road with East Industrial Street, using the newly opened free flowing section of the Industrial Area Road.
The new section of the road will provide four lanes in each direction and two new underpasses, at Umm Al Seneem Interchange (known as Karwa Interchange) and Wadi Lubara Interchange (known as Barwa Interchange).
Road users from the Industrial Area travelling towards Mesaimeer Interchange and wishing to access the commercial and residential areas in Barwa Commercial Avenue, can follow the newly installed directional signs and turn right at Umm Al Seneem Interchange traffic signals, then make a U-Turn to go back to the Industrial Area Road to reach their destination.
To access the Mesaimeer cemetery, road users must turn right at Umm Al Seneem Interchange and follow road signage to their destination.
Road users coming from the Industrial Area can also use the newly opened section of the Industrial Area road, which leads them directly to the Naslat Al Maa traffic lights towards Mesaimeer Interchange (as shown on the map).

The newly opened section of the road will improve the existing road capacity by increasing the number of lanes and diverting traffic to this permanent part of the road. Road users will experience the full benefit of the project after the completion of the remaining infrastructure works, scheduled to be completed later this year.
In June, the multi-level interchange of the Industrial Area Road and East Industrial Street will be fully completed. The interchange is expected to significantly improve traffic flow on the East Industrial Street and Street 33.
By the end of September, Mesaimeer Interchange will be completed and open to traffic. Ashghal opened the flyover of Mesaimeer Interchange connecting F-Ring Road to Mesaimeer Road in July 2016.

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