Sweden is hosting a small village close to Stockholm, which has been named ‘Little Doha’, the Swedish embassy in Qatar has said.
“Sweden now even hosts a small village close to Stockholm where over 20 Qatari families have invested in summer homes. They frequently come for a visit and this village has now been called Little Doha,” the embassy said in a statement.
It also said that last year, the embassy had recorded a “substantial increase” in the number of tourist arrivals from Qatar. The embassy added that it has received more requests for tourist visas to Sweden.
The embassy celebrated Qatar-Sweden relations “with a magical midsummer themed National Day Celebration” on Tuesday. 
“It is time for Sweden to celebrate our National Day and honour our growing relations with the State of Qatar. The embassy is celebrating, together with our partners and friends in Qatar from government, universities, and the private sector, to enhance the close partnerships we have developed during the last few years,” the embassy said.
During the celebration, the embassy shared what the Swedish government and private sector could offer to Qatar in its continued journey towards a diversified economy and knowledge-based society.
“The theme for our celebration is sustainability, innovation, and tradition,” said the embassy, which highlighted “how close Swedes are with nature and the environment.” 
The embassy said Sweden’s green technology, sustainable development experts, and SymbioCity solutions “are highly-relevant” to infrastructure and city planning projects being developed in Qatar, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030. 
“Being a global leader in sustainable urban planning, green construction, public transportation, and corporate social responsibility, Sweden has engaged in a number of knowledge sharing efforts with Qatar, focusing on research co-operation, green technologies, and smart connectivity. 
“Additionally, road safety, in which Sweden is ranked as number one with our ‘Vision Zero’ initiative, has been a strong focus in the past few years, with a number of Swedish experts having been employed by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior to work on driver behaviour and congestion solutions,” the embassy said.