The health sector has played a growing role in the development of the country's economy over the past five years, a recent study by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce has shown.

The study indicated that during 2011- 2015, the health sector has seen a considerable growth of added value, which increased from about QR6.2bn in 2011 to around QR10.6bn in 2016, with a total increase rate of 70.3% for the whole period.
Besides, the sector saw a noticeable growth at its real outcome during 2012- 2015 with a rate of 6.5% - 14.5% , which is considered a high rate compared to other economic sectors. Accordingly, the health sector participation at the real GDP rose from 1% point to 1.3% points in 2015.
Regarding the private health sector, the MEC study said that it has a distinguished participation in the national economy with a broad base of its sub-activities and the added value they have, in addition to the active role of private hospitals.
In 2015, private hospitals participated with around 41% of the added value of the whole private health sector, followed by private health centers, and dental clinics 22%, non-specialized clinics 17% and specialized clinics (excluding dental ones) participated with 16% of the total added value for the private health sector in the country.
Such growth was particularly driven by the increase in the number of the facilities that offer health services, which rose by 78% in 2015 only. The private health facilities that hire less than 10 workers rose from 101 in 2011 to 171 in 2015, with more than 70% growth. Similarly, the number of health facilities employing 10 workers and above increased from 77 in 2011 to 170 in 2015, with a growth rate of 121% in only five years.
However, the study pointed out that the health sector needs more health services due to the increasing number of the population. It also provides the private sector with good opportunities to supply such services.
The overall income from the health sector services grew from QR1.4bn in 2011 to around QR3.8bn in 2015, with an overall growth rate of 169%. Most of such growth was concentrated during 2014- 2015, with the total income increasing by 43% and 56% consecutively.