Maid to be jailed, deported for stealing money
April 22 2017 11:22 PM

The Court of Appeal has upheld the ruling of the Court of First Instance to sentence a Sri Lankan maid to one year in jail and subsequent deportation for stealing the money of her employer.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that the court also sentenced the defendant to an additional month in jail for hitting the child of her employer. 
The woman who had hired the maid filed a complaint against her, alleging that she used to steal small sums of cash from the house and also ill-treat the employer’s nine-month-old child. 
When she confronted the maid with such accusations, the latter denied being involved in such acts. So, the employer installed surveillance cameras in the house, which captured several images of the maid stealing money and beating the baby. 
The photographs were later submitted in court.

Expat gets one-year suspended jail sentence for bid to break ATM

A Doha Criminal Court has awarded a Filipino man a one-year suspended jail sentence and also ordered his immediate deportation for an attempt to break an ATM of a local bank to steal cash.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that the defendant had parked his vehicle away from the ATM, located outside the bank, on the night of the crime.
He then walked towards the machine with a metal tool in his hand. A security guard deployed outside the bank spotted the defendant trying to break the machine using the tool to grab the cash inside it. 
However, when the guard tried to approach him, the defendant ran away. He was unable to take the money.
The police managed to arrest the man later and he admitted to his crime during interrogation.

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