The ‘Roots’ festival at Katara – the Cultural Village Foundation, which showcases Latin American and Caribbean cultures through a series of exhibitions, will conclude Saturday.

The exhibition was inaugurated on April 18 in the presence of Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti and dignitaries representing the 12 participating countries.
The diplomats present on the occasion were Kabalan Abi Saab, ambassador of Ecuador; Joao Belloc, deputy head of mission, Brazil; Luis Alberto Guillen Downing, ambassador of Costa Rica; Rossana Surballe, ambassador of Argentina; Eumelio Caballero Rodriguez, ambassador of Cuba; Giannina Maria Panameno Suazrez, charge d'affaires, El Salvador; Francisco Javier Niembro Cibrian, ambassador of Mexico; Dr Oreste Del Rio Sandoval, charge d'affaires, Panama; Angel Barchini, ambassador of Paraguay; Ruben Espinoza Raymondi, deputy chief of mission, Peru; Jorge Antonio Seré Sturzenegger, ambassador of Uruguay; and Fatima Majzoub El-Majzoub, charge D'affaires, Venezuela.
A large number of art enthusiasts and other dignitaries were also in attendance.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr al-Sulaiti said: “We are confident that this lively and colourful festival will contribute to achieving the desired goals and enhance the communication channels between people from all walks of life, while developing in each person a deeper understanding and appreciation of the different art forms related to Latin America and the Caribbean.
“Audiences throughout the festival are guaranteed a ring-side view of the history and civilisation of these countries, presented through a wide array of performances and exhibitions.”
The exhibition is being staged in Building 19 until April 29, from 10am until 10pm.
Kabalan Abi Saab, who is also the dean of ambassadors of the Latin American countries, said: “An array of 77 photographs and paintings are set to bring the sights and sounds of Latin America to Qatar. I would like to exude my utmost appreciation and gratitude to Katara - the Cultural Village Foundation for its unceasing efforts to host such a spectacular event, with the aim of bringing closer the rich culture and traditions of Latina America to all Qatari citizens.
“The Cultural Village is an authentic hub that builds communication bridges between people from all walks of life.”
The inauguration of the festival was also marked by the opening of the exhibition, which reflects the origins of the Latin America and Caribbean countries through photographs and paintings from Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama and Uruguay.
The exhibition “reflects the authentic culture” of Latin American and Caribbean countries through an array of photographs that portray touristic sites, animal habitats, individuals, nature landscapes and Islamic architecture, according to a press statement.

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