Umm Slal Mohammed Interchange has been completely opened to traffic as part of North Road Corridor Enhancement project, the Public Works Authority, Ashghal, announced on Tuesday.
The new junction serves as an access point for the local neighbourhoods of Jeryan Jenaihat, Umm Slal Mohammed and Umm Slal Ali, located east and west of Al Shamal Road.
The interchange is made up of two graded levels, with a main bridge comprising two or three lanes in each direction to cater for 3,500 vehicles per hour.
Out of the four on-and-off ramps, the southern ones were opened in November 2016 with the partial opening of the interchange and the northern slopes this month. The main bridge has two light signals to help organise traffic in all directions and at the four ramps in particular, boosting safety as one of the main goals adopted by Ashghal. 

Umm Slal Mohammed Interchange will serve residents of the crowded Umm Slal Mohammed area along with Umm Slal Ali, Jeryan Jenaihat and Al Kheesa as well. The new junction will bring in better access for commuters coming from and to Doha and northern areas through the service roads connecting Al Shamal Road.
Also, it will create more connections for travellers heading from the North Road and western side areas towards Jeryan Jenaihat and Al Kheesa along with Community College in Qatar, Qatar University and Al Khor Coastal Road.
The intersection will bring in new routes for travellers heading from North Road and eastern side areas towards Umm Slal Mohammed and Umm Slal Ali along with Barzaan Market, Umm Slal Healthcare Centre, the new Umm Slal Wholesale Market and many other business and educational facilities around.
Umm Slal Interchange is part of North Road Corridor Enhancement Project which is over 95% complete. Ashghal is finalising Al Kheesa Interchange and the 200km service roads and cycling and footpaths.
Ashghal has already opened the vital Al Kharaitiyat Interchange to serve areas of Al Kharaitiayt, Leabib, Al Ebb besides nearby highways and businesses as it creates several alternative routes for travellers from and to the North Road.
Also, Ashghal opened in late 2016 the Izghawa Interchange to provide alternate routes from Lusail to Izaghawa and Al Shamal Road and businesses around and sharing more traffic with Duhail Interchange.
Among the other milestones achieved were the bridge linking Al Huwaila Road and North Road, enhancing traffic to and from Ras Laffan and the road linking Al Khor and North Road, a 5km dual carriageway with three lanes in each direction instead of two lanes in each direction. 
Ashghal delivered Umm Birkah Road, as well as Al Sakhama and Umm Al Amad Braiding Bridges, to improve access to areas of Al Sakhama, Sanae Lehmaidi, Umm Al Amad and Umm Slal.
The North Road Corridor Enhancement project incorporates new services roads for 200km along from Duhail to Al Shamal Town, constructing Izghawa and Umm Slal Mohammed Interchanges, and upgrading Lehweilah, Al Kheesa and Al Kharaitiyat Interchanges.
Also, the improvements include revamping Al Khor Link Road, Umm Birkah Road and creating new cycling and footpaths.
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