Responses to a newly-launched study will be used by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) and other entities concerned to develop planning proposals for solutions related to school transport and its impact on the country's roads.
This will be done to encourage the use of school buses, thereby helping reduce the effect of school trips on roads, the ministry has stressed.
In a press statement, the MoTC said it has launched a planning study to develop proposals to reduce the effects of school transport on Doha’s heavily congested roads.
In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Land Transport Department at the MoTC has developed a questionnaire on school transport that will be sent to the parents of all pupils at every level of education spread across different types of educational institutions. 
The Ministry of Education and Higher Education will use its social networks and distribute the questionnaire to kindergartens and schools, and also use SMS facility to remind parents on providing their feedback.
A questionnaire hyperlink will be available on the websites of the two ministries to "encourage the widest possible contribution from the public", the statement notes.
The questionnaire, which can be accessed at will play a vital role in updating the Qatar Strategic Transport Model and the feedback received will help better understand the dynamics of school transportation and its relation with the demographic, social and economic characteristics of the family, the MoTC said.
"The questionnaire answers will be used by the MoTC and bodies concerned to develop planning proposals for short- and long-term solutions and alternatives to encourage the use of school bus transport, thus helping reduce school trip effects on the road networks," it added.
Traffic on Qatar's roads is already dense during peak hours, especially on school days, and it is hoped that the study will result in identifying ways in which school transport can be adapted to mitigate its impact on the network, while enhancing school bus services.
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