German police have arrested three people on suspicion of supporting a suspected Islamist militant and helping to prepare a serious act of violent subversion against the state, magazine Focus said on its website.
It cited the chief public prosecutor in the northern town of Celle as saying on Friday that there had been an arrest warrant for the two men and one woman. The prosecutor's office was not immediately available to comment when contacted by Reuters.
Focus said the suspects - a 27-year-old Afghan, a 27-year-old Turk and a 25-year-old German - were arrested on Thursday evening.
It added that the Salafist they are suspected of supporting had been arrested on February 21 and is in custody.
The three were found across Germany: one in Cologne, one in Buende and one in Hildesheim.
Sascha L, from the central city of Northeim, was allegedly planning a bomb attack on police or soldiers. The three are accused of supporting and encouraging him as he planned the attack.
Investigators say Sascha L has confessed to a plan in which he would have lured his victims into a trap so he could kill them with a home-made explosive.
Although he is now considered a Salafist, he was earlier active in the neo-Nazi scene, according to media reports.
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