The Cultural Village Foundation-Katara is gearing up for the inauguration of the ‘Roots’ festival, an event that will showcase 12 Latin American and Caribbean cultures through a host of music and dance performances and exhibitions.

The event is to be held from April 18 to 22, it was announced at a press conference attended by diplomats of the participating countries.

Ecuador's ambassador Kabalan Abi Saab, Brazil's deputy head of mission Joao Belloc, Costa Rican ambassador Luis Alberto Guillen Downing, Argentine ambassador Rossana Surballe, Cuban ambassador Eumelio Caballero Rodriguez, El Salvador's charge d' affaires Giannina Maria Panameno Suazrez, Mexican ambassador Francisco Javier Niembro Cibrian, Panama's charge d' affaires Oreste Del Rio Sandoval, Paraguay's ambassador Angel Barchini, Peru's deputy chief of mission Ruben Espinoza Raymondi, Uruguay's ambassador Jorge Antonio Seré Sturzenegger,Venezuela's charge d' affaires Fatima Majzoub El-Majzoub and Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti were present.

Dr al-Sulaiti described that the ‘Roots’ festival comes 'in line with Katara’s efforts to open windows to diverse cultures, shedding light on the rich traditions and history of countries from across the world.'

An array of performers from the participating countries are set to bring the sights and sounds of Latin America to Qatar during the five-day event, which according to Dr al-Sulaiti will showcase the best of Latin American dance, music and photography, to the residents of Qatar. "We are confident that this lively and colorful festival will contribute in achieving the desired goals and enhance the channels of communication between people from all walks of life, while developing in each person a deeper understanding and appreciation of the different art forms related to Latin America and the Caribbean."

He further pointed out that audiences attending the festival are guaranteed a ring side view, as the history and civilisation of these ancient countries are presented through a wide array of musical performances and exhibitions. The exhibition will be staged in building 19, and will run until the April 29, starting from 10am until 10pm.

A kaleidoscope of music and dance by Ecuadorian artists will be the key attraction at the inauguration of the festival. The second day of the festival will see breathtaking performances by musicians and dancers from the Republic of Venezuela at 7.30pm. This will be followed by the Argentinian performance at 8.15pm.

On April 20 artistes from Mexico will perform and April 21 will see Paraguay take centre-stage. The conclusion of the festival will see performances by Peru and Cuba.

Organisers have pointed out that all the performances will begin at 7.30pm on the dates specified and will be staged in Katara’s Drama Theatre.

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