An Indian news anchor read out details of a car crash during a live broadcast despite knowing that her husband had died in the accident, an incident that has prompted praise for her composure and professionalism.
Supreet Kaur, 28, of the IBC24 news channel in the central state of Chhattisgarh, was reading the morning news bulletin on Saturday when she went live to a reporter at the scene of a car crash in which three people were killed.
Although the identity of the victims was not known immediately, Kaur realised that her husband, Harsad Kawade, was among the dead as he travelled on the same route in a similar car, IBC24 and national media reported.
Kaur only broke down when she walked out of the studio after finishing her news bulletin, her colleagues told the Hindustan Times daily.
"The brave anchor read the details and completed the bulletin. IBC24 salutes Supreet Kaur's courage and composure," IBC24, a Hindi news channel, said in a special broadcast on the incident.
"In this time of grief, IBC expresses its deepest sympathies and stands with Supreet Kaur and her family."
A news editor of the channel told the Indian Express newspaper that it was "extremely proud" of the way Kaur handled the most difficult of situations.
"It speaks volumes about her sense of duty and professionalism that she continued, and kept calm for another 10 minutes," he was quoted as saying.