The `Tilted' roundabout near Education City will be converted into a parallel signalised intersection to enable the construction of a 2.2km underpass that will extend between the northern and southern areas of Al Gharrafa, Ashghal announced on Wednesday. 
The proposed road change has been designed in co-ordination with the General Directorate of Traffic and will be implemented from Friday with an expected operation period of nine months. 
The new road layout will enable Ashghal to accelerate construction of the proposed 'Tilted Interchange,' a two-level facility that will enable free-flowing traffic at the intersection of Al Luqta and Al Gharrafa streets. 
As the map shows, the road change will modify the existing roundabout into a signal-controlled intersection. Road users travelling on Al Luqta, Al Gharrafa and Huwar streets will experience a slight deviation from the existing road alignment before reaching the signalised interchange. 
The interchange will cater to motorists travelling in all directions from Doha, Dukhan and Al Gharrafa and Huwar streets, and includes free right turns to provide free-flowing movement. 
Ashghal said it would not reduce the existing number of lanes on Al Luqta, Al Gharrafa and Huwar streets.
The temporary road layout on Al Luqta and Al Gharrafa streets will provide three lanes in each direction while Huwar Street will have two lanes in each direction.
To ensure the safety of road users, the speed limit on Al Luqta Street will be reduced to 50kph. Ashghal has requested all road users to abide by the speed limit, and follow newly implemented traffic road signs to ensure their safety.
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