The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) organised a workshop on Monday for companies participating in the Integrated Public Transport Ticketing & Fare Collection System tender. 
“The ministry is working in full swing to develop an effective mobility system that contributes to achieving economic growth and the strategic goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030,” said Rashid Taleb al-Nabat, assistant undersecretary of Land Transport, in his opening remarks.
He said the ministry has been working on introducing a unified public transport ticketing and fare system in collaboration with key partners and would utilise all advanced technologies to provide better services for public transport users. 
This would encourage people to use public transport services and reduce their dependence on cars to help preserve the environment and reduce pressure on transport infrastructure.
The Integrated Public Transport Ticketing & Fare Collection System is part of the ministry’s efforts to achieve harmony and integration in public transport infrastructure development process across the country.
The goal is to provide smoother mobility system, alleviate pressure on road networks and boost traffic safety by developing multiple mobility mediums for all purposes.
The new system consists of several components, including ticketing, issuance devices, monitoring systems and the central clearing system, and the responsibilities of the operating company, which will manage the system under ministry’s supervision.
The public will be able to use the ticketing system in the metro, Lusail Light Rail Transit and the long distance passenger and freight train, buses, maritime transport and taxis.
The system will contribute to improving road safety, mobility and convenience for commuters, reducing energy consumption for cleaner environment and boosting economic productivity. 
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