The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC)’s Technical Committee to Stimulate Private Sector Participation in Economic Development Projects will conduct a public draw tomorrow to allocate 119 plots of land for multiple use in logistics areas at Al Wakrah, Birkat Al Awamer and Aba Seleel.
The draw will be conducted at The Ritz-Carlton Doha, Al Wosail hall. 
In a press statement, the MEC said the committee had received 878 allocation requests electronically, all of which were reviewed for compliance with the terms and conditions. 
Accordingly, the MEC is holding a public draw as the number of applications exceed the 119 plots to be allocated. The committee has said that the logistics areas projects are expected to be operational by mid-2018.   
The projects have a total of 1,968 pieces of land in the three areas. These include 119 commercial plots for the service of the area in general and the workers there in particular. It is expected that the commercial areas would employ around 180,000 people, most of whom would be living there once the project is completed.
The committee pointed out that the commercial plots have several advantages, such as immediate handover of the land to start construction, comprehensive infrastructure, a fixed rent rate of QR8.33 per sqm a month (with a 5% increase rate every three years), long-term lease contracts for up to 30 years, rent payment every six months after the first year of land allocation and strategic location.
The land is being offered to investors to open showrooms, shops, clinics, banks, restaurants, parking lots and similar facilities to develop various commercial sectors in these areas. 
The logistics projects, located in southern Qatar, are considered among the largest contributing to the country’s economic development.
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