Trailer companies are expecting a windfall in operations in the coming years due to the anticipated growth in operations at the new Hamad Port and hectic construction activity in the run-up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

A large number of infrastructure projects are being implemented in the country along with stadiums for the 2022 mega event. "These require the services of a large number of trailers and other heavy equipment. The operators look forward to doing some serious business thanks to these developments," said a logistics professional.

Sources in the industry told Gulf Times that the demand for trailers would improve considerably over the next two years as a significant rise is expected in the movement of goods from the new port.

The early operation of Hamad Port started on December 24, 2015. Since then, the port has seen intensive activities, paving the way for the gradual shift of the current Doha Port operations to it.

Capacity at Hamad Port is expected to increase significantly once all phases of construction are completed, and a number of large vessels have already arrived there.

Taking note of these developments, a logistics professional said trailer operators stood to gain substantially from growing operations at the port. "The enhanced capacity will require enhanced support and logistical systems, and trailers play a big part in this. So, operators can expect a boost to their business in the coming years," he observed.

Major infrastructure projects, including roads, railways and other works, are also expected to continue for some time and this provides another big business opportunity for truck and trailer operators, according to the sources. "For instance, massive infrastructural activities in the southern parts of Qatar are likely to further raise the demand for trailers and trucks," said one of them, adding that the demand has been particularly high for used trailers.

Expressing optimism, a trailer operator said things are looking positive for them in view of the projects being undertaken across the country.

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