The Public Prosecution has opened an office at the Hamad International Airport (HIA) to process the transactions of departing passengers and enable them to pay fines they have incurred.
Located at the departure lounge at HIA, the centre enables those banned from leaving the country by the Public Prosecution on account of not paying fines and others who have outstanding financial liabilities.
Those who are under a travel ban for issuing dud cheques can also pay the amount at the counter and earn the right to leave the country.
A self-service machine has also been installed for the convenience of the passengers. The travel ban will be lifted automatically and immediately after paying the outstanding amount through the self-service machine, which has a multi-language interface and is user-friendly.
It works round the clock and inquiries can be made through it as well. Besides, a number of prosecutors and other employees are available to take the necessary steps to accomplish the process and lift the travel ban, so people can travel without any delay, a release issued by the Public Prosecutor's office said.
HE the Attorney General Dr Ali bin Fetais al-Marri said any person who finds out that he is banned from leaving the country can approach the office and pay any outstanding fine at the airport office. He noted that the office can only process travel bans issued by the Public Prosecution and not by any other state authority. Any travel ban issued by any other entity in the country other than the Public Prosecution will be out of the scope of the new office.
He also announced his department's intention to open another office at the Abu Samra border crossing, and may be other exit point such as the seaport. "However, the main focus now is on HIA and the Abu Samra border crossing due to the large numbers of people using these points of exit."
Meanwhile, Brigadier Issa Arrar al-Rumaihi, Director of the Airport Security Department, pointed out that the opening of the office was the result of close coordination between the Public Prosecution and the Ministry of Interior, with a view to speed up travel-related processes. Besides, the office can handle simple cases of transit travellers through HIA.
Turki Rashid al-Muhannadi, a senior official at the Public Prosecution, pointed out that the new office at HIA can investigate minor offences that fall under the Civil Aviation Law. "Offences such as smoking on board, causing trouble or noise, or not following the instructions of the cabin crew, or any such crime that can take place on board the aircraft can be investigated by the office, which can settle them at the airport itself without the need to transfer the suspect to the police station and then to the headquarters of the Public Prosecution."
The new office is the latest step by the Public Prosecution in executing swift justice and help process some of the verdicts that might prevent passengers from leaving the country.
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