QU-CHS students present graduation research projects
January 21 2017 11:39 PM

A total of 42 students from Qatar University College of Health Sciences (QU-CHS) have successfully presented their graduation research projects.
Sixteen students from the Department of Biomedical Sciences showcased their projects. Maryam Mokhtar and Tasneem al-Hamad delivered their project “The Role of T regulatory cells in obesity” stating that young females from QU did not show significant difference in the expression of circulating CD4+ T cell subsets in lean, metabolic healthy and unhealthy obese. Such findings could be attributed to the insignificant difference in insulin resistance among the studied subjects.
Mariam al-Wakeel and Afnan Mohamed, under the supervision of Dr Nasser Rizk, presented their work “TLR4 receptor genotype polymorphism with obesity and metabolic syndrome components”. Concluding the study, al-Wakeel and Afnan Mohamed stated that based on results of the current study TLR4 D229G/T399I polymorphism is associated with increased insulin resistance but not with obesity.
In collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation and under the supervision of Dr Pejman Hanifi-Moghaddam, Nada Nasser and Salsabel Elshami studied the “Gene Expression Profiling of Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia (CML) using RQ-PCR array.” Concluding the study, Nada Nasser and Salsabel Elshami stated each stage of CML disease shows pattern of dysregulation of MiRNAs and LncRNAs expression that can be used for the purpose of diagnosis.
Another 25 students from the Department of Human Nutrition presented their projects at the event. Under the supervision of Dr Tahra Obeid, two projects were presented in the field of food science. Hana Dawalbaet, Doaa Ibrahim, Aala Elamin and Athiya Yusuf conducted a study on “Application of seaweeds to develop innovative food products with superior quality and health related benefits”. While another group of students, Zamzam Syed, Huda al-Hadhromi, Fida Ali and Eisha Nafiea, presented their study on “Date pits infused chocolate: Development and material analysis for functionality and nutritive value”. These studies demonstrated the effective application of foods for future food product development.
Senior public health student Abeer Abuqaoud, working under the supervision of Dr Manar Elhassan, presented her senior research during the event on “Experiences, motives and their associated psychosocial factors among Qatar university students toward cosmetic surgery”.
CHS dean and Biomedical Research Centre director Prof Asmaa al-Thani said, “Graduation research projects of the students at QU College of Health Sciences are associated with trials to resolve the local health issues which are relevant to the Qatari society. The students’ research projects showed a high level of efficiency and excellence in the field, which prepare them to publish research papers in international scientific journals and to participate in international competitions.”

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