The Mall of Qatar (MoQ) management has clarified that the opening promotion of Sharaf DG was cancelled on Wednesday for safety and security reasons.
“The overwhelming number of visitors to the store (Sharaf DG) exceeded the number of people permitted by guidelines and was, as such, deemed unsafe,” MoQ explained in a statement.
“The opening promotion of Sharaf DG was cancelled in line with our commitment to upholding international best practice regulations when it comes to safety,” MoQ stressed.
“At Mall of Qatar, the safety and security of our valued visitors, employees and tenants is a top priority. Sharaf DG will directly communicate any further updates, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused,” the MoQ statement added.
Hundreds of people had converged on MoQ on Wednesday morning, attracted by the special offers publicised by Sharaf DG for the opening of their outlet.
But it is learnt that as the crowd swelled beyond a reasonable size the authorities concerned advised ‘to cancel the opening'.
Announcements to the effect were made through MoQ’s public address system and the people were requested to disperse.
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