Qatar Charity (QC) has received in-kind donations from schools and kindergartens in Doha in favour of its “Our Greetings” campaign aimed at recognising the role of workers in building Qatar.
The campaign aims to help low-income workers, creating complementary relationship in the community and strengthening the social fabric, QC’s local developmental centres head Ali al-Gharib said in a statement.
“We are proud of our partnership with secondary and high schools in Qatar,” he said, adding: “We adopt all the projects and ideas submitted by students regardless of their levels of study and age.”
Al Gharib thanked Al Marah Fi Aljewar for their in-kind donations, including clothing materials, saying that this donation is a clear indication of the volunteering and charity work in a society.
The Indian Dar Es Salaam School, in collaboration with the QC Community Development Centre, launched an initiative to collect used but suitable clothing for workers in Qatar.
Al Gharib received the donations from the school headmaster in the presence of Abdullatif Abdullah Hussein, director of school management committee, who lauded the efforts of the students and administration for their continued co-operation with QC.
QC’s campaign, launched years back, benefited thousands of workers in Qatar, distributing in-kind donations on different occasions.
QC also supported many initiatives for the benefit of workers, the latest was the “Yestahloon” (They Deserve Better) campaign, which was launched before the month of Ramadan. It enabled individuals and companies to buy shopping vouchers from TAYF, an in-kind donations programme, and distributed them to workers in different regions.