New guidebook for customs evaluators in Qatar
January 08 2017 09:02 PM


The General Authority of Customs (GAC) has issued a guidebook of customs value to ease the task of customs evaluation officers. The publication explains the procedures followed in evaluating the price of goods for the customs clearance companies and their staff of customs clearance specialists.

GAC has included all the necessary information in the form of questions and answers, covering the important questions that concern customs evaluators, while giving comprehensive answers in a simple and focused form, it was explained in a statement.

The answers are based on the stipulations of the Customs Tariff Agreement, the Customs Law and its regulations, and the decisions and circulars that implement the law. The customs value is the main determinant in collecting the due customs charges, which are calculated based on a certain percentage of the item or goods concerned.

It is easy to confirm the category of the set charges by reviewing the applicable customs tariff table. Determining the customs charges to be collected is based on the value of the item itself. Accordingly, both the customs value and customs tariff have reciprocal effect on each other. The main topics covered by the guidebook include: the foundations of customs evaluation applicable in Qatar, the conditions for accepting the value of deals, the connection between the seller and the buyer, the tools and ways used to check the value of deals, the reasons for doubting the declared value, the charges for cargo and insurance, commercial discounts, similar goods, the calculated value, and other similar related issues.

GAC has issued the guidebook out of its vision that upgrading the evaluation process and increasing the efficiency of customs evaluators is on top of its priorities.

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