Qatar Charity (QC) has carried out 93 income-generating projects in Burkina Faso, including the distribution of motorcycles, bicycles, sewing machines and tractors that benefited more than 12,000 people in various areas.
Under the auspices of Burkina’s Parliament Speaker, QC’s initiative is expected to empower and help beneficiaries to earn money for their families.
Some 60 bicycles, 27 sewing machines, five plows and one motorcycle were given to families and individuals at the recently held inauguration.
Ilboudo Lauran, deputy speaker of parliament in Burkina Faso, said QC significantly contributed to the country’s development by giving more jobs to locals and conducting various humanitarian projects.
He also thanked QC and “the philanthropists in Qatar” for raising the standard of living in his country and “supporting their brothers.”
Representatives of the Burkina Faso government stressed that such humanitarian projects will contribute to their sustainable development efforts.
In a statement, QC said it has constantly endeavoured to be a leading model among civil society organisations that achieved the concept of sustainable development.
“Humanitarian food aid has short-term benefits but income-generating projects, which have been financed by QC, are more useful to states and society,” Lauran said, adding, “These projects provide a permanent source of income to the beneficiaries and other workers who support their families.”
Laure Zongo Yin, minister of family and social solidarity in Burkina Faso, said QC’s initiatives are a major breakthrough that improved the living conditions of many poor women, who now applying the arts of sewing and weaving.
“Further, they have a fixed income and their products are well marketed. Other projects dedicated to men helped them pay their children’s tuition fees,” the minister added.