Residents of some of the newly developed residential areas in and around Doha say they often find it difficult to get a taxi, especially early in the morning and late in the evening.
Some residents said cabbies usually avoided their areas and they had to rely on costlier alternatives such as `limousines'.
Although the situation elsewhere in Doha has improved over the years with a number of franchisees operating taxis in addition to Karwa, people in residential areas such as Rawda, Al Thumama and Ain Khaled feel the situation is far from ideal.
Besides families, these areas also have a large number of 'single' workers and executive bachelors, which has led to a spike in the demand for taxi services.
Some residents of these areas said the problem could be resolved by setting up dedicated or permanent taxi stands.
A resident of Rawda said although embassies and other institutions have come up in the area in recent months, the availability of taxis remains poor.
Visitors to the nearby Health Centre have also complained about the lack of availability of taxis, he added.
Although Rawda provides direct and easy access to places such as Barwa Village and Hamad International Airport, taxi availability needs to improve if residents and visitors are to take advantage of the convenient location, he felt.
While thousands are taxis are officially operating in the country, sources said some vehicles - especially those belonging to the private franchisees - are not running due to "technical snags".
A Karwa spokesman said the availability of taxis in each area is based on the actual demand. He suggested that customers use facilities such as the Karwa app to avail of taxi services in a swift and efficient way.
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