Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) is making progress in its relief efforts for the internally displaced people (IDPs) of Mosul, Iraq benefiting more than 95,000 from various services and aids.
In a statement, QRCS said that it responded effectively to the crisis, in co-ordination with partners, focusing on Khazir and Hasan camps, Qayara and Hamam Al Alil towns.
Funded by Qatar Fund for Development, the response involved identifying urgent needs, distribution of winterisation and other forms of aid, and post-assessment of work to improve the mechanisms and meet the needs of IDPs “in a dignified manner.”
Relief efforts included distributing 1,300 food packages for 7,800 people in Hasan Sham, Hamam Al Alil, and Qayara.
Some 5,693 parcels of winterisation items and tarpaulins were also given to 33,858 people in Hasan Sham, Khazir M1 and M2, Intisar District, Qayara, and Hamam Al Alil.
Operation of three healthcare centres at the Khazir, Hasan Sham, and Debaga camps benefited 39,257 people (nearly 400 per day) who received medical treatment.
In addition, potable water, garbage boxes and vehicles, and hygiene measures were given to 15,000 inhabitants of the Khazir camp.
QRCS said the humanitarian situation in Mosul is critical, with heightened military operations in the war zones of Nineveh Governorate, which caused a large wave of public displacement towards safer areas.According to UN reports, the numbers of IDPs are “alarmingly on the rise.” Within two months, at least 100,000 people fled the fighting to live in too severe conditions.
As the war persists, these figures are projected to hit 700,000 people, which require redoubling relief efforts to secure food, water and sanitation services, shelter, and healthcare.
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