High-tech medical equipment for Gaza
January 02 2017 08:28 PM
Al Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza has received high-tech medical equipment from QRCS.
Al Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza has received high-tech medical equipment from QRCS.


Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has bought $150,000 worth of new high-tech medical equipment for the Palestinian Ministry of Health’s (MoH) Al Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza.
In a statement, QRCS said the procurement is part of the $18mn project of equipping the complex’s specialised surgery building, funded by the Programme of the Gulf Co-operation Council for the Reconstruction of Gaza, under the supervision of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).
“For years now, we have been demanding these two devices, which are vital for many patients in Gaza. The Pulsed Dye Laser removes red-colored skin marks, such as port-wine stains, birth marks on the skin, or facial thread veins. The treatment takes only eight sessions,” Dr Galaa al-Talmas, plastic surgery, laser, and burns consultant at the Al Shifa Medical Complex, said.
“Fractional CO2 Laser is crucial for plastic surgeries, as it is the only therapy for post-burn scars and wrinkles, warts, papilloma, and other benign skin growths,” he explained.
According to Dr al-Talmas, the CO2 Laser technology can be used also in eye, nose, and throat or ENT; obstetrics and gynaecology, and general surgery treatment. However, these applications require specialised training available only outside of Palestine.
He commended QRCS’s role in procuring these equipment, which will help patients and boost medical services at Gaza hospitals. He also called for the professional development of local medical personnel to ensure higher quality services.
First-of-their-kind in Palestinian health facilities, such technologies will help around 500 patients in Gaza, who previously need to seek costly treatment abroad and amid travel restrictions.  

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