A Ladies’ Boulevard, part of the Magical Festival Village project, has been inaugurated at Katara-the Cultural Village, Ezdan World, a subsidiary of Ezdan Holding Group, announced yesterday.
Spread over an area of 1,000 sq m, Ladies’ Boulevard is an entertainment venue devoted for women as it includes 21 commercial outlets, showcasing the most luxurious brands, ranging from the Arab abaya to the finest clothes in the Gulf region. The section offers high-end elegance and beauty products of top fashion and jewellery designers from the Gulf and Arab countries and India. Ezdan World plans to run fashion shows of renowned Arab female designers during the course of the project, which started on December 22 and will continue until April 30.  
“The second season will be full of surprises and events that interest every Arab woman, to whom we have paid a special attention in this project, as ladies represent the most important category of visitors in terms of turnout and positive interaction to the village’s facilities and recreational activities,” Ezdan World general manager Abdul Aziz al-Mohannadi said.
A wide selection of the world’s most luxury brands of shoes, bags, perfumes and cosmetics, in addition to housewares, antiques, paintings, decorations, and place mats are available.
“This project is considered the most important leisure project in Qatar, as it serves on an area of 50,000 sq m within Katara and involves more than 200 games and recreational activities,” he added. Ezdan World had earlier announced that its management looks forward to double the footfall volume during this season, due to the substantial occupancy rates in retail outlets that exceeded 75%. Al-Mohannadi noted that this season will also bring on rich and diverse programmes and festivals that will be held throughout the weekdays, attracting all visitor categories, families and children in particular.
The shows and performances are anticipated to be held at the Onsite Theater, which accommodates more than 1,200 spectators. The venue will provide diverse universal performances, some are free of charge, in addition to circus world exhibits by top international artistes and performers.
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