PYS-Q pays rich tributes to Jinnah
December 31 2016 10:46 PM
PYS-Q founding member Qazi Asghar, sitting, with other members of the team at the event.

To pay rich tributes to the founder of their country, Pakistani expatriates gathered in great numbers at the embassy of Pakistan to witness orators debating if today’s Pakistani youth represent the ideals set for them by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Quaid-e-Azam.
The event was organised by Pakistan Youth Society-Qatar (PYS-Q).
Pakistanis world over celebrated the 141st birthday of Muhammad Ali Jinnah on December 25. PYS-Q organised the event in connection with Quaid Day as its signature programme.
The debate competition on the topic, “Aaj ka Naujawan Quaid-e-Azam ka Naujawan hai” (Today’s young Pakistani is how Quaid-e-Azam envisioned him), was part of the celebrations held every year to mark the day.
A large number of Pakistanis attended the debate held at the auditorium of Pakistan’s embassy.
From the more than 10 people participating in the competition, Fartash Syed won the first prize, while Raza Hussain Rana and Ayesha Hussain placed second and third, respectively.
“It was a very good audience. The programme attracted many more people this time. The competitors performed way better than our expectations and the audience was equally supportive and involved,” Irfan Haider, Communications Secretary of PYS-Q told Community.
The participants were divided into two sides, with each side putting forward their arguments in favour of and against the resolution of the debate. The best debaters or winners of the competition were decided by a panel of judges.
Each group had a leader who then opened the debate by introducing their respective team members. In total, there were 10 participants who debated against each other. 
The judges marked according to a format provided to them and the debaters were judged on the style of their oratory, the authenticity of the content of their speeches, the composition of their arguments and their overall expression.
“The competitors came up with some very interesting points. And they were not judged on which side presented better arguments to defend their case but on their style of oration and the overall strengths that are required for a good debate,” said Haider.
The event was organised to bring back the legacy of debating amongst the Pakistani youth residing in Qatar. PYS-Q organises such competitions to remind the youth the expectations that Jinnah had of them. 
Besides showcasing their oratory talents and their knack for debates, the participants paid rich tributes to Jinnah. The age limit of participation in the competition was set at 20 years and above.  
“Students keep taking part in such competitions in their educational institutions, which hold such events regularly. We wanted to invite the older community members and give them an opportunity to participate in an event like this,” said Haider.
Pak Youth Society-Qatar is one of the premier socio-cultural organisations of Pakistani community in Qatar and has been operating since 1981 with an aim to promote Pakistan’s culture, values and customs in the multicultural environment of Qatar. It is a non-profit organisation and is registered with the embassy of Pakistan in Qatar.
It serves as a platform for the Pakistani youth in the country, and provides them an avenue to represent their country’s art, culture and heritage, and polish their social skills and talents. The society is run by volunteers.

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