Learn about networking in a unique setting
December 26 2016 10:22 PM
LinkMotility is network based in Malaysia and Qatar and connects local and expat women.

A traditional dhow out on the Qatari sea promises to provide local and expatriate women an ideal setting to practice and learn effective networking techniques. An upcoming “boat networking cruise” will allow women to experience sea the Qatari way while learning networking tips from some of the best in the industry. 
In a one-of-its-kind opportunity on January 14, career coach Dee Reid is coming to town to personally deliver a talk and moderate a workshop for women on how to unlock professional identity by personal branding. 
Organised by LinkMotility, a Qatar and Malaysia based network connecting professional expat and local women, the event will provide professional advice on networking techniques and how to form new connections. 
“For years I have seen a lack of mentoring and development available to women and I want to change that. I believe that every woman should be supported in achieving their career goals,” says Reid, who is also the founder of The Female Mogul. 
“Why women specifically? Because, like it or not, the career journey is different between the genders. Yes, we have moved on in terms of equality but there is still a long journey ahead,” she explains. 
Also speaking at the event will be Trine Tveen Nielsen, a Danish expatriate and the co-founder of LinkMotility.
The event will start early in the afternoon with a welcome note and talk by Nielsen on how to start talking to strangers. Nielsen is event speaker, professional networker and a branding expert. She is also the founder and owner of Branding Bureau: Boosting Business and a founder and partner of Network: Women in Business, Denmark.
With networking opportunity for participants in between different sessions, Dee Reid will teach the women on how to recognise their skills and market them. The participants will enjoy the opportunity to interact over traditional Arabic buffet and witness the sunset over West Bay, Doha. 
An international success coach for career-minded women, Reid focuses on empowering women to lead more satisfying and successful careers. 
After achieving a highly successful career in HR and Recruitment that spans over 14 years in male dominated industries, she says she made the decision to launch The Female Mogul to coach ambitious women in levelling-up their careers.
“I have operated at a strategic level with businesses; working with managing directors and vice presidents regularly in building their teams. I have helped manage careers of many people around the world and I love seeing people succeed,” says the founder of The Female Mogul. 
With her corporate experience, she says she understands the competencies businesses are looking for in their staff and how they can be developed.
Working with global multi-national companies and having served with the British military, she has worked in countries such as Singapore, Norway, Qatar, Greece and the UK.
LinkMotility aims to build bridges cross culture and professions, helping expats find their stepping stones to the cultural understanding and local business etiquette in their new host country. 
The network offers educational training, seminars and workshops along with a variety of interactive networking events. 
“Friendly, casual and open networking is the key to our and our members’ success. All events are interactive to enable people have meaningful interactions with each other and with featured speakers,” says Nielsen.
Women connect on multiple levels. While many women are interested in learning more about business management and how to improve themselves, they also want to share a more personal component. They connect with each other through business challenges, successes and a desire to mentor upcoming business women. 
The network hub invites professional guest speakers to motivate, inspire and enlighten the members for all events. The members are highly educated women, who want to develop their skills and strengthen their network, whether they dream of entrepreneur-ship, boosting their career or getting back in business in their host country. 
They are a mix of local and expat professional business women looking for new interesting contacts in Malaysia and Qatar. 
Like the dhow trip, LinkMotility events are known to fuel new friendships, business relationships and job opportunities by taking the awkwardness out of networking and creating a fun, welcoming environment.

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