QU workshop discusses Qatar road safety
December 26 2016 08:59 PM
Students at a booth during the workshop on road safety issues
Students at a booth during the workshop on road safety issues

As many as 75 Industrial and Systems Engineering students from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Qatar University College of Engineering (QU-CENG) participated in a workshop on road safety issues in Qatar.

The event was part of a senior level course on Project Engineering partially supported by QU Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center (QTTSC).
The students were divided into 15 groups. Each group provided a presentation on road safety issues in Qatar. Highlighted topics focused on driver’s behaviour in terms of the use of seatbelts, mobile phone texting while driving, and use of car seat for newborns and children.
“The event comes in line with CENG commitment to engage students on the importance of road and traffic safety in Qatar,” said dean and QTTSC director Dr Khalifa al-Khalifa.
“It also underlines the College’s continuous efforts to provide students with various opportunities through which they can strengthen their teamwork, communication and organisational skills which will serve them in good stead in their future professional endeavours.”
CENG Mechanical and Industrial Engineering professor Dr Shaligram Pokharel pointed out that road safety in Qatar is an important issue in terms of public health concern as per the Qatar National Road Safety Strategy (2013-2022).
“Road safety is a shared responsibility of road users, road and traffic system developers and rule enforcers. The strategy mentions some of the areas of high concern in terms of road users such as the driver’s behavior with regard to the use of seatbelts and child restraints. Therefore, there is a need to continuously raise road users’ awareness on road safety issues.”
“The students presented their projects on Qatar’s road safety to raise community awareness on road safety issues that they face in real life and to provide them with efficient solutions to avoid them. The students are learning the techniques and tools of project management which enable them to translate their projects and apply their knowledge to real life issues.”
Student Laila Taha said the course is about project engineering and achieving all deliverables at one time taking into consideration the cost and duration. “We studied the issue of road safety and identified the main causes of accidents in Qatar.”
Student Sara al-Rumaihi observed that the project engineering course has contributed to supporting her research and enhancing her presentation skills in a way that will help her to further make more studies in this area.

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