Sensor-based traffic signals needed
December 21 2016 11:55 PM

Dear Sir,
 Most of the traffic signals on the road from Birla Public School to Asian Town are time-configured and not based on the real traffic movement on the main road and the branch roads that join it. Most of the time, there is either thin traffic or no traffic at all on the branch streets. For example, there is hardly any vehicular movement on the side roads that branch out from the LuLu Barwa City and Mowasalat HQ signals. However, the timings for all the signals are the same. Hardly 15 vehicles can pass through the main road during the allotted time near the LuLu Barwa signal. And at the signal near the Karwa office, some 10 vehicles only can pass through before the light turns red. Though there is no traffic, the branch streets are allowed the same time as that of the main road. 
I request the traffic department to study the traffic flow on these roads and kindly implement the sensor-based signal system which allots more time to roads that have a heavier movement of vehicles.
Babu P Prasad
(Address supplied)

A charismatic politician

Dear Sir, 

The sudden demise of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, who was fondly called “Amma” by millions of people of the southern Indian state, came as a rude shock to her followers. She was a charismatic politician with great administrative skills. While taking decisions, she was very bold and decisive. Her populist welfare schemes such as Amma canteen, Amma drinking water, Amma cement and Amma pharmacy helped bring succour to the poor to a great extent. 
She was also a fighter. She had to fight against all odds politically and legally to reach the heights, especially in the male dominated politics of Tamil Nadu. Her life was full of ups and downs. She will always be remembered for her strong leadership, welfare schemes and fight for the rights of Tamil Nadu. 
As Kaviyarasu Vairamuthu said: “She was born as Sandhya’s daughter but died as India’s daughter.” It is true that her death has left a huge void in the political arena of Tamil Nadu and India.

Vidhyasankar Subramaniam
(Via e-mail)

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