Egyptian police on Thursday arrested the son of former Islamist president Mohamed Mursi on charges linked to a protest against his father's ouster that resulted in hundreds of deaths, officials said.
Osama Mursi's lawyer Abdel Moneim Abdel Maksoud said police arrested him at his home in the Nile Delta city of Zagazig, and security officials confirmed the arrest.
Osama Mursi, a lawyer himself, has been charged in a mass trial already under way over the bloody dispersal of an Islamist protest camp in August 2013 in which police killed hundreds of demonstrators, Abdel Maksoud told AFP.
About 10 policemen were also killed by protesters during the dispersal of the sit-in in Cairo.
It was the bloodiest day in a relentless crackdown on Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood movement after the army, spurred by mass protests, ousted the Islamist president in July 2013.
Osama Mursi is due to appear on Saturday at the next session of the mass trial, which began in late 2015, Abdel Maksoud said.
Some of the charges can lead to the death sentence.
Egyptian courts have sentenced hundreds of Islamists to death. But appeals courts have overturned many of the convictions, including one for Mohamed Mursi on charges of taking part in a prison break in 2011 when he was an opposition leader.
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