The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Authority has participated in the ‘32nd Ministerial Session of the Committee of Social and Economic Cooperation’ (Comcec) under the chairmanship of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. CEO Yousuf Mohamed al-Jaida represented the QFC Authority during a special session entitled ‘Governors Perspective on Designing National Strategies to Develop Islamic Finance’. The session elaborated on the role of national Islamic finance strategies in boosting the Islamic finance industry through discussing legal, infrastructure, regulatory, and supervisory framework. It also 
addressed compliance with Islamic law and other government related components of a possible national Islamic finance strategy. Al-Jaida said, “This was a very interesting session, particularly as it was at the international stakeholder level. We always welcome dialogue on Islamic finance. Qatar was one of the first countries in the world to identify the significance of Islamic banking. Indeed, at the QFC, firms can take advantage of an Islamic finance-friendly tax system that enables them to carry out sukuk transactions without excessive tax.” The event saw participation of ministers and delegations from the Islamic finance world, as well as representatives of international organisations, NGOs, think-tanks, private sector organisations, and academia from across the globe. Picture shows al-Jaida representing the QFC Authority during a special session.