The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued safety instructions in view of the camping season, which include a number of precautionary measures and also highlight the need to monitor the movements of children in order to keep them safe.
“Many families and individuals make weekend recreational trips for camping and taking a rest after a week of active work,” the MoI said in a post on Facebook, advising those who set out for camping to follow the safety measures listed below.
The ministry has recommended proper preparation and planning for the journey with necessary safety precautions, ranging from home safety to making sure that the sea conditions are safe before heading there, among others.
The instructions are as follows:
• The distance between tents should not be less than 5m.
• The kitchen should be isolated from other tents and gas stove should be placed away from the edges of the tent, generator and petroleum liquids.
• The gas cylinder is to be placed outside tents.
• All electrical connections should be covered in plastic pipes and buried. Make sure that they conform to safety and security standards.
• The lighting inside the camp should be safe in order to avoid fire incidents.
• The materials used to make the tents used should be fire-, heat- and salinity-resistant.
• Ensure that necessary safety equipment (fire extinguisher - 4kg, dry powder, fire blankets and first aid kit) are kept in an easily accessible place.
Further, the MoI stressed the importance of ensuring the safety of children during camping trips and monitoring their movements to prevent any untoward incident or missing cases. “Watch them constantly and alert them on safety guidelines while exercising their various hobbies and activities,” the ministry advised.
Many people head for camping sites during this time of the year, making the most of the pleasant weather.

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