QRCS covers treatment for 64,000 patients in Taiz
November 12 2016 07:43 PM
Medical assistance programme in Taiz
Medical assistance programme in Taiz


Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) recently completed the second phase of its project to support Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital's Surgical Emergency Centre in Taiz, Yemen, with funding from the Qatar Fund for Development (QFD).

The second phase was extended from August 1 to October 16 with a view to receiving more victims of the current war across the country, QRCS said in a press statement.

In partnership with Yemen Medical Charitable Society – Taiz and Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital, QRCS's mission in Yemen treated 64,606 cases (48,913 male and 15,693 female), including 63,914 cases that received dressing, inpatient, radiology, lab and outpatient services. The remaining 692 patients underwent major, medium and minor surgeries.

Also, the project hired 167 medical, assistant, nurse and administrative staff of various specialties, such as general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, facial surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery and eye surgery.

Dr Ahmed Anaam, chairman of Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital, commended QRCS's contributions to the Surgical Emergency Centre, hoping for further support to continue receiving more injury cases in the governorate.

Dr Nashwan al-Rabasi, director of the Surgical Emergency Centre, said: "Thank God, the centre has resumed work after being halted due to lack of resources and staff. QRCS's intervention enabled us to receive and treat surgical cases, amid protracted war and increasing numbers of injured civilians."

Dr Sadek al-Shugaa, chief doctor of Taiz, welcomed QRCS’s significant role in operating the largest surgical establishment in the governorate as well as securing medical supplies. He described QRCS's success as outstanding compared to peers.

SIDEBAR: The case of Wessam Salem

While Wessam F Salem (4) was playing with his elder sister in front of their house in Beer Pasha, he was hit by a passing car. His father carried him to a private hospital, which required a high deposit that the poor father could not afford.

The child was referred to Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital's Surgical Emergency Centre in Taiz, where an X-ray revealed a fracture in his right arm. Immediately, the child was moved to the operations room, and the orthopaedic surgeon fixed the arm with a splint. The procedures were conducted for free, fully covered by QRCS.

Following the operation, the father thanked God for enabling QRCS to treat his son, who would otherwise have had a permanent disability. He also thanked the staff of the centre for their professional medical care services.

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