Initiative to ensure fair practices in promotional offers
November 06 2016 01:04 AM

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has launched the “Shop with Confidence” logo initiative to guarantee transparency of commercial transactions and enhance trust among consumers and business outlets.
According to the new rule, it is mandatory for businesses to insert the “Shop with Confidence” logo in all announcements, including advertisements, of promotions and discounts.
A statement issued by the MEC yesterday said it has “maintained the necessary administrative and regulatory co-ordination with all the owners of commercial shops and outlets to endorse the new logo and display it clearly and conspicuously in all the announcements and advertisements offering discounts and promotions”.
The official sign will act as proof that the outlet concerned has obtained the necessary prior approval for offering the special promotion. It also confirms that any discount or promotion is being conducted in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
Besides, all outlets and suppliers offering any such promotion shall have to put the “Shop with Confidence” logo on all related invoices given to customers upon the conclusion of every purchase process.
MEC said the main aim of the initiative is to block any breach of the law and stop unlicensed and unreal promotions. The logo contains the direct line number, 16001 (MEC call centre), to let customers submit any related complaint or remarks.
By looking for the sign, consumers would be able to easily understand whether the promotion is approved by the government and distinguish those that are unauthorised and thereby not genuine. “This helps consumers practise their valid rights and report any violation by outlets regarding false promotions or unreal discounts,” the official release said.
With the launch of the new initiative, it has also become binding on outlets to include the “Shop with Confidence” mark on all publicity materials that businesses may exhibit either on shop windows or on their premises. It will also be a compulsory procedure while advertising promotions and discounts in newspapers or any other media.
MEC said it has informed shopkeepers and all commercial outlets that “it is very important that they implement this initiative without any delay”. The departments concerned at the MEC will keep a strict watch on the compliance by businesses of this regulation and follow up its implementation process.
In the meantime, the MEC has advised consumers to check the prices of items offered as part of a promotion before and after the discount to compare the difference. The statement said consumers have the right to review the price list of the items on display at a shop and the prices before and after the discount, in addition to the percentage of the discount. “They should be keen to get an invoice having details such as prices before and after the discount and the actual paid price.”
For complaints and suggestions, the MEC contacts include the call centre: 16001, e-mail: [email protected], Twitter: @MEC_Qatar, Instagram: MEC_Qatar and the MEC smart devices application: MEC_Qatar.

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