HIA opened the North Node to operations earlier this year, meeting increasing passenger demand for more flights, making HIA one of the fastest growing international hub airports in the world.
Each passenger train has five carriages with a design capacity of 38 persons per carriage. This allows each train to transport up to 190 passengers at a time.
The two passenger trains will be operated simultaneously in a synchronised manner with the train system remaining operational 24 hours a day.
Each trip between the two stations takes 90 seconds, with a 44 second waiting time at each station. Approximate walking time for the same distance is nine minutes.
“We are proud to introduce this latest service at our airport with the help and support of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the New Doha International Airport Steering Committee,” al-Meer said.
“This is another step towards our commitment of offering our passengers a seamless and effortless journey through our airport. This new service will also facilitate the smooth handling of the ever increasing passenger numbers at our terminal,” he added

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