The Qatar International Breast Cancer Conference, organised by Qatar Cancer Society (QCS), has recommended community partnerships and early detection as the major steps to fight breast cancer in the country.
The two-day conference opened by HE the Minister of Public Health Dr Hanan Mohamed al-Kuwari on Friday shed light on the disease with the theme, ‘Present standards and new perspectives in breast cancer’ through a number of lectures and workshops that discussed the most important statistics and studies with the attendance of more than 3,000 participants.
The conference stressed the importance of empowering the community in Qatar with the knowledge of early detection of breast cancer from young age.
It highlighted the importance of encouraging the healthcare organisations in the country to collaborate with QCS to promote breast cancer awareness which in return will improve the quality of healthcare and life of breast cancer patients.
The breast cancer conference has also stressed on the role of the corporate organisations in the country to be socially responsible and the  need for partnering with QCS to spread awareness of breast cancer. On the second day, there were a number of lectures and workshops, including one on male breast cancer, presented by Dr Hadi Oborshid, health educator at QCS.
Dr Oborshid, quoting the National Cancer Strategy statistics pointed out that, male breast cancer accounts for about 3% of breast cancer cases in Qatar.
The workshop also highlighted the role of men in supporting women for early detection of breast cancer and its importance in the treatment stage.
It was noted that one of the barriers in early detection of breast cancer in Qatar is the rejection by men.
According to Rahaf Wasfi, health educator at QCS, raising awareness among men about early detection of breast cancer would help women to carry out the process in a better way.
Dr Haya Moudadi, honorary ambassador of QCS and director of Al Forsan Training Centre conducted a workshop entitled, ‘You First,’ targeting all community audiences.
Moudadi explained that the community still needs to raise awareness of cancer and that shyness still prevents some women from undergoing various breast cancer examinations.
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