Qatar Charity distributes urgent food aid in Aleppo
October 13 2016 10:36 PM
The initiative included the distribution of food baskets, bread bundles and baby milk to meet the needs of a single family for a month.

Qatar Charity has carried out relief projects in Aleppo city in the light of the escalating suffering of Syrians there due to the ongoing shelling, severe shortage of food, baby milk and basic services as part of its ongoing campaign, “Save Aleppo”.  
The campaign supported by Qatari philanthropists has concluded this month. It included the distribution of food baskets, bread bundles and baby milk to meet the needs of a single family for a whole month.
Nearly 44,000 people have benefited from the project, which cost more than QR600,000.
QC’s director of relief management Rashid al-Kaabi said the relief projects implemented in Aleppo, other parts of Syria and neighbouring countries hosting refugees are supported by Qatari benefactors and national and international donors, extending his sincere thanks to them.
Al-Kaabi stressed that Aleppo was in urgent need of aid due to the aggravated circumstances, the ongoing bombardment of houses, hospitals and food stores, the increased number of victims, the blockade imposed on civilians and the lack of basic services such as food, water, shelter and health services.
He encouraged Qatari donors to continue supporting the “Save Aleppo” campaign, pointing out that this help was a humanitarian and brotherly duty, especially in such circumstances where the distressed Syrians must be aided.
The distribution of urgent aid among Syrians in Aleppo began in August and ended this month. The aid was distributed over two phases, and there were around 44,000 beneficiaries. As part of the initiative, 4,000 food baskets were distributed among 20,000 people, bread bundles to 23,000 people and four baby milk cans were distributed to 700 children monthly. The food basket contained basic foodstuff such as rice, sugar, bulgur, pasta, lentils, cooking oil, jam and dry legumes.
This aid aimed to alleviate the Aleppo citizens’ suffering that resulted from the acute shortage of basic foodstuff and curb disease proliferation resulting from malnutrition. Most of them cannot secure food due to banditry and high prices, according to a statement from QC.
Qatar Charity launched the “Save Aleppo” campaign at the beginning of May and allocated QR10mn as a first batch to meet the Syrians’ urgent needs.
People can donate to the campaign through Al Rayan Bank, IBAN/QA40MAFR000000000003111111001, via QC’s website -, at the headquarters of QC and its branches in Qatar or through collection outlets in shopping malls.
Donations for medical and health services (treating wounded people or providing ambulance services for casualties) can be collected through Save _Aleppo# by sending the ‘MS’ code by SMS to 92632 to donate QR50, to 92642 to donate QR100, to 92428 to donate QR500 and to 92429 to donate QR1,000.
People can also donate a food basket of QR150 by sending the ‘ES’ code by SMS to 92652. In addition, the campaign has a hotline – 11776644 - for donating and replying to any queries.
As part of the campaign, QC has distributed thousands of food parcels, baby milk cans and drinking water tanks over the past four months.  
The statement notes that 8mn people within and outside Syria, including refugees and displaced people, have benefited from QC relief projects from April 2011 until May this year, implemented at a cost of QR 450mn.

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