Lessons in basic driving etiquette
October 05 2016 10:36 PM

Dear Sir,

When I went to the Souq Waqif public park for my routine early morning walk at 5:10am the other day, I left my car in the parking lot nearby.
When I returned to my car at 5:50am after the walk, I found a  minibus was inappropriately parked next to my car, blocking my entry into the driver’s seat.
Though the minibus did not hit or scratch the body of my car, its driver gave no space even for my rear view mirror to be opened. But he gave enough space on  his vehicle’s left side so that he could get down comfortably from his seat.
As I was getting late to the office,  I entered the car from the right side and jumped over to driver’s seat with great difficulty. My flexible body and fresh mind after the morning exercise must have helped me!
In my place, if it was a woman driver or a physically-challenged driver or any elderly person, imagine the difficulties they would have faced to enter the car.
It’s time the driving schools in Qatar also teach learners the basic driving etiquette. At the time of routine licence renewals, authorities must insist on certain refresher courses focusing on this aspect.
I had contacted the management of the company owning the mini-bus and their human resources department promised to take suitable action against the driver to ensure that such behaviour is not repeated.

Guruprasad Dasarathan/[email protected]

Poor headlines

Dear Sir,

As a long-time Gulf Times reader, I am sorry to say that  most headlines in the paper these days are of extremely of poor standards compared to those the past.
I find many headlines are totally out of context too. It seems the paper is following  a biased approach in presenting news which is really sad to see.
Vivin K, [email protected]

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