Regency opens 45th branch in Umm Salal
September 27 2016 11:15 PM
Tareq Abdullatif Taha, Ehab Abdel Fattah Amin and other officials and dignitaries at the inauguration of the new branch yesterday. PICTURE: Jayan Orma.

Regency Travel & Tours has expanded its network in the country by opening its 45th branch in Umm Salal.
The branch is “equipped with the latest technology, trained manpower and provides a secure and comfortable environment for the guests,” Regency Travel & Tours said in a statement.
The branch offers travel services such as issuance of air tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, train tickets, excursions, medical tourism, spa packages, cruise liners and special products, the statement said.
Ehab Abdel Fattah Amin, senior vice-president (commercial) of Qatar Airways and guest of honour, inaugurated the branch at a ceremony yesterday and was joined by key officials from the carrier. The Regency management, along with employees of the company, other dignitaries from the travel industry and some key customers, also graced the occasion.
At the launch, Regency Travel & Tours CEO Tareq Abdullatif Taha said: “The new branch will deliver Regency’s trademark quality of service, managed by professional employees with travel expertise and motivation to deliver the goods. Residents of Umm Salal area will benefit from the services provided by the new branch and we take great pride in serving them.
“We complement and strengthen the efforts of Qatar Tourism Authority, which are aimed at making Qatar a popular tourist destination.”
He noted that at Regency, more than 80% of travellers chose to fly Qatar Airways, making it the preferred carrier for a majority of customers.
Nasiruddin Mohamed Shafiq, general manager of the travel firm, added: “Regency has made significant contributions towards the development of Qatar’s tourism industry at a global level and developed services and products that positively contribute in accelerating the growth of the tourism industry.”
The guest of honour expressed gratitude to Regency for “making significant efforts to enrich the travel experience of its guests and for promoting local tourism through the series of service offerings and positive initiatives.”


Wednesday، 28 September 2016 09:56 PM

I am very proud of the opening of Umm Salal branch. All the best for future endeavours.
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