Four training courses launched for MoI staff
September 21 2016 11:54 PM
The ministry staff during a training session. Picture courtesy of MoI website.

Four training courses were launched recently for Ministry of Interior (MoI) staff, including officers, according to a report on the MoI website.
The training section at the MoI’s Human Resources Department (HRD) has launched the courses as part of the implementation of the training and qualifying plan prepared by the HRD to raise the skill and proficiency levels of the ministry’s staff.
The programme is being conducted in co-operation with the departments concerned at the MoI along with external training agencies and local trainers at the ministry.
A course for officers-on-duty has begun at the Civil Defence Training Hall. Experts from the UK’s College of Policing are attending the two-week course.
Another course, dealing with the “management and regulation of traffic patrolling”, has been launched at the General Directorate of Traffic in order to raise the skills of personnel working on traffic patrol.
Meanwhile, the Airport Security Department has started a week-long course on the use of modern technology for inspection and security monitoring.
Further, a course on the skills required for dealing with reports has been launched at the National Command Centre (NCC). The course is aimed at raising the abilities of women staff at the MoI to deal with reports and queries received by the NCC.

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