Eid Charity has concluded the distribution of sacrificial meat among some 500,000 needy people outside Qatar.

The initiative was carried out in 35 countries at a cost of QR5.76mn.

The total amount of meat distributed as part of this project was around 230,000 tonnes, including 5,869 heads of sheep, 243 goats and 550 cows.

Arab countries accounted for the largest share of this distribution as donors and philanthropists spent more than QR2.9mn there to purchase 3,359 heads of livestock to be distributed among 167,950 needy people.

The share of Asian countries amounted to QR1,754,250, with 799 heads of livestock being slaughtered and distributed among 187,850 people.

Africa's share amounted to QR996,550, which was used to purchase 2,674 heads for the benefit of 133,700 needy persons there.

In Europe, the cost of providing sacrificial meat amounted to QR104,050, which was used to purchase 180 heads of livestock for the benefit of 9,000 poor persons.

Countries benefiting the most from the initiative are Myanmar, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Somalia, Kenya and Sudan.

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