Driving along the Al Wukair-Mesaimeer road can be quite a challenge, especially in the evening, some motorists have said.

The primary concerns of commuters who use the road regularly are "inadequate lighting" along some stretches of the road and "rash driving" by truck drivers.

The key road connects Doha Industrial Area Road with Al Wakrah and is used by a large number of vehicles every day.

The volume of traffic on the road has increased considerably with time and motorists are often seen driving recklessly, according to fellow commuters as well as residents of housing units located along the route.

Among the vehicles that ply the route every day are a large number of trucks and buses, which find it convenient to use the road to travel to and from the southern parts of the country where large-scale infrastructure works are under way.

The number of passenger vehicles, too, has increased and many of these are owned by people living in areas along the road, which have seen a spurt in residential properties.

Speaking to Gulf Times, some residents of Al Wukair as well as commuters complained that many vehicles could be seen travelling at "very high speeds" and the culprits were often heavy vehicles such as trucks.

"This poses a great risk to smaller vehicles on the road. We request the authorities to ensure that vehicles, particularly large ones, do not violate traffic laws and indulge in reckless driving along this key route," said one of them.

Meanwhile, commuters said some stretches of the road did not have adequate streetlights and driving down these spots could be "highly dangerous" after sunset. This, along with speeding heavy vehicles, makes things difficult for people driving smaller vehicles, they point out.

Besides trucks, the road is also used by a large number of buses ferrying construction workers between their worksites lying in the southern parts of Qatar and their accommodation in the Industrial Area.

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